NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
awesomea curated list of awesome projects Ben O'Neill2021-07-05 23:25
awola top down survival game prototype Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 15:01
bitesben's bites source Ben O'Neill2021-11-27 00:15
bkeepbook management software Ben O'Neill2021-10-27 23:12
botalandiscord bot Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 18:17
dmenudynamic menu Ben O'Neill2021-01-14 00:24
dotfilespersonal dotfiles Ben O'Neill2021-09-23 13:39
dwmdynamic window manager Ben O'Neill2021-09-08 16:20
dwmblocksmodular dwm statusbar Ben O'Neill2020-07-27 04:38
etcsmall bits of code not worth their own repo Ben O'Neill2022-03-02 05:07
gametest1pygame test project Ben O'Neill2018-09-06 15:58
ircbot1my first irc bot Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 15:00
journeytext adventure platform Ben O'Neill2018-06-03 05:00
julesnon-learning chat bot engine Ben O'Neill2022-03-16 12:35
mbta-rssmbta v3 api -> rss feed Ben O'Neill2021-09-28 19:34
md2roffmarkdown to roff compiler Ben O'Neill2021-11-16 15:17
project0930cpu architecture project Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 14:53
riskreturncalculate return on investment compared to nasdaq Ben O'Neill2021-09-28 19:35
schedschool schedule manager Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 15:03
scorianote taking program Ben O'Neill2018-08-08 23:57
sentpresentation software Ben O'Neill2020-03-23 19:41
slockscreen lock Ben O'Neill2021-01-14 00:25
sreadertui rss reader Ben O'Neill2021-11-07 00:28
stsimple terminal Ben O'Neill2021-01-14 00:28
stompcstomp client Ben O'Neill2021-11-10 17:09
surfsurf web browser Ben O'Neill2021-01-14 00:55
swerve-libclibc for swerve Ben O'Neill2020-02-03 22:35
swervei386 kernel Ben O'Neill2020-03-31 18:46
sxmppxmpp client Ben O'Neill2021-11-09 14:50
tabbedtabbing program Ben O'Neill2021-01-14 00:32
tealweb framework in posix sh Ben O'Neill2021-06-19 19:09
vlang-exerciseslearning vlang Ben O'Neill2021-09-07 14:58
zimmermanntelzimmermann telegram cryptography Ben O'Neill2021-09-28 19:35