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2018-06-03 05:00Various bug fixesben8+35-59
2018-06-03 01:22Improved JS compatibility, using primitive arrays and Java.type instead of Java.extend now.ben1+0-1
2018-06-03 00:56Removed unnecessary printlnben3+14-1
2018-06-03 00:46Directories cleanupben6+15-260
2018-06-03 00:36Removed unnecessary dependencyben1+0-6
2018-06-03 00:32Optimization, cleanup, migration from JSON world file to XML.ben4+69-62
2018-06-03 00:31Renamed file for githubben1+0-0
2017-12-27 03:20First CommitBenjamin O'Neill22+945-0